Kinda Blue

A Mood by Quin Jaye 

Inspired by the great Miles Davis himself, LA based rapper and trumpeter Quin Jaye channels his own groove
and style with his unique blend of jazz infused hip-hop. Hailing from Allentown, PA and learning the trumpet in
school, he realized after high school that he could form his own kind of art. Listening to the likes of Kendrick
Lamar, J-Cole and Lil Wayne alongside his jazz upbringing, Quin quickly realized he could explore a world
undiscovered and create a whole new niche.
‘Kinda Blue’ is Quin Jaye’s latest project, with the title again taken from Miles Davis, is an impressive body of work
that unfolds and showcases all of Jaye’s talents. Speaking volumes on the struggle of the modern day world
and the society that still surrounds him in LA, 'Kinda Blue' embodies seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel.



J. Cole - Middle Child

(Quin Jaye Trumpet Cover)


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Located In Philadelphia - Pennsylvania